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Let's have a KIKI.

Do you want to have a KIKI?

Recently, we have had to explain to many in the Community why we have rebranded the LGBTQ+ Monthly Socials into X KIKI. As simple as it might be for some to understand, it might be that a Kiki is an unknown term for those of you born in the early 2000s.

Originally the term Kiki was intended as a meeting of friends for Gossiping and chit-chat, used mainly in LGBTQ+ culture. Later the term became popularised by the band Scissor Sisters and their song 'Let's Have a Kiki.'

Personally, the song was popular in Gay Clubs and later popularised further on famous shows such as Glee and strictly come dancing. Have a listen below:

After searching for a catchy name to rebrand, we settled with X Kiki, the idea being that the name of the Bar we collaborate with would be promoted as a Gay-Friendly location.

The Monthly socials have increased the social interactions within the LGBTQ+ Community locally, which has generally not had a space to call its own nor the Community spirit to sustain it.

In my lifetime, we have gone from having small discreet gatherings in pubs and bars to taking on more significant events. I see a Community that used to live with hesitation and fear of the heteronormative standard to now standing up and being proud of our Community. These Kiki parties aren't just social. They're a reminder that each time we meet up, we normalise our presence, allow connection to occur in a safe space, and strengthen ourselves with the support of those around us. So let's keep supporting these events, bringing more of our Community with us to these events and growing the numbers. That way, our small X KIKI parties become something more significant than expected in larger venues, but what's most important is that each time we meet, let's make great memories and have a fantastic time because we deserve it, after all, in less than one generation we have gone from no representation to having the largest LGBTQ+ pride seen locally with more support the possibilities are endless.

If anyone is looking to organise an event and would like support, please email, and we will support you the best way we can.

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