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Artist Spotlight: Gianni Ocaña

The haunting glow of the full moon

Illuminates a dim lit room

And a dance not a moment too soon

Costumed bodies embrace

Two hearts begin to race

Attracting face to face

The pages turn to be read

Feelings that long to be said

From lips to which love has led


It's great to see local artists getting the spotlight they deserve, especially when they're bringing attention to underrepresented themes in the art world. The artwork "Halloween Ball" sounds intriguing and appears to be raising awareness for LGBTQ+ characters in the horror genre, which is an important and often overlooked aspect of storytelling.

If you're interested in exploring more of this artist's work, you can follow their Instagram account @just_another_wolf. It seems like they specialise in Gay Male themed digital art, so you can expect a diverse and unique range of creations that highlight different aspects of LGBTQ+ representation in their artwork. It's always wonderful to support and celebrate artists who bring new perspectives and voices to the art world.

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